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The Andy Warhol Museum just announced newly-discovered experiments created by Andy Warhol on an Amiga computer in 1985. Warhol’s saved files, trapped on Amiga floppy disks held by The Warhol’s archives collection, were extracted by members of the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Computer Club and its Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry in a complex recovery process. The Hillman Photography Initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) initiated and then documented this process for its The Invisible Photograph series. Read more. 

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Kat Dennings for Zink Magazine

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Google Maps Glitches | Emilio Vavarella | Via

As sophisticated as it is, Google Maps is fundamentally the same type of thing cartographers have been making for centuries. It’s a flat, scaled representation of our planet. That means decisions have been made about what to show and what to leave out. At any given level of zoom, you can see only a certain subset of streets, of cities, of tributaries or topography. Even today, some streets are missing or mislaid. It feels omniscient, but its omniscience is made by humans, for humans.

Google Street View is something entirely different: a photographic document of world. It’s more objective and indelible than even the most accurate satellite-aided map. And that’s a bit unsettling. When every acre on Earth is catalogued for us to see, where will all the mysteries hide?

Thankfully, Google’s nine-eyed robot cameras and their attendant code aren’t quite omniscient either. And as Emilio Vavarella shows us in his screenshots, the places where that system breaks down have a mystery all their own.

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John Constantine (WIP) by Ben Oliver / Twitter


John Constantine (WIP) by Ben Oliver / Twitter

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"My mom would put on John Denver. He had a song that went, “Life is so good / my life is so good these days / life is so good these days / my life is so good.” It made me unbelievably angry as a child. I don’t know, I was like… Excuse me, sir, where is your existential angst? I don’t buy it. You’re full of shit, John Denver. Rest in peace."

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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

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im allergic to penicillin
this is me every time i go to the doctor.
she forgets everytime.

gotta love your nurses, people.

I think there’s a Facebook group that made t-shirts along the lines of “Be kind to nurses. They keep doctors from killing you.” My mom was a nurse for over 40 years.

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